2012 City to Bay – final tips for success!

Spring is in the air and it is less than a week to go now until the 40th City to Bay fun run! So whether you are satisfied with your preparation for the event or not, what should you be doing in the lead up to the day?

  • Training – you are unlikely to make any gains before the event now and are better off starting the event well rested so that you can put in your best effort on the day
  • Now is not the time to be updating your running/walking wardrobe. Stick with what you already have – you know it works and you won’t risk a new pair of runners giving you blisters because they feel different
  • Keep your routine the same the night before/morning of the event – stick with foods that are familiar with you and make sure you are adequately hydrated
  • Once you hit the start line, expect to feel a little nervous and enjoy the moment! Have a pace in mind and try to stick to it rather than being caught up in the moment, going out too hard with the masses and limping home
  • Recover afterwards with a healthy snack, adequate water and then enjoy the festivities! If you get a moment, document any changes that you would like to make to your approach for next year so you can improve the way you prepare
  • Good luck!

-Kristin Lewis

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