A great visual reminder of the benefit of regular exercise

Here’s something I came across the other day on this site https://twitter.com/CyclingSurgeon/status/457225431423254529/photo/1.

The picture shows a cross section of the thigh muscles of a 40 year old triathlete V 74 year old sedentary man V a 70 year old triathlete – wow!! Look at the significant reduction in muscle mass in the thighs of the inactive 74 year old.

This shows the role that regular exercise (and lack of regular exercise) plays in maintaining muscle mass as we age. Maintaining muscle mass has a number of positive health effects as we age including maintaining strength and mobility, balance and reducing falls risk. In short it allows us to get on and do what we want, with minimal restriction for longer. This provides a really good reminder of just another benefit of exercise – ‘move it or lose it!’

-Kristin Lewis

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