Are you on a Health Kick?

Even though we’re in the grip of winter, many people’s thoughts start to turn to summer, summer clothes and the need to start their ‘health kick’ to become ‘trim, taut and terrific’!

I’ve met countless people over the years who always seem to be starting new exercise programs, cutting ‘carbs’ out of their diet for a month or starting a variety of other health regimes to ‘kick start’ another new routine. My observations are that these people seem to oscillate between short periods of denying themselves in the midst of punishing exercise routines alternated with periods of time where they give up on all ‘health’ related activities until their next health kick……

Instead of taking this up and down approach, my opinion is that it is far better to apply the concept of sustainability – if you don’t see yourself doing it in 5 years time, don’t start now!

This means getting clear on your health/exercise/dietary goals. It means setting up a weekly routine that you can realistically complete at least 48/52 weeks. It means NOT setting up a routine that you can only complete if everything else in your life is under control! This is simple stuff but when done well, will ultimately produce positive permanent changes to your health.

-Kristin Lewis


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