Beetroot and Basil Salsa

Salsas and dips can be a great way to get extra vegetables into your day and summer is the perfect time to enjoy them regularly.  Store bought dips can be high in preservatives and provide little in the way of nutrition but throw some end of the week vegetables into the blender to enjoy a perfect accompaniment to fish, meat, toast, crackers or just on it’s own.  Some of my favourite combinations are:

  • Diced tomato, olive oil, red wine vinegar, basil and chilli (straight from the bowl!)
  • Smashed avocado, chickpeas, mint, pumpkin seeds and feta on sourdough (add a few eggs for a delicious meal)
  • Lightly blitzed carrot, celery, capsicum, cucumber and loads of parsley (serve with cottage cheese for extra protein)

Try this Beetroot & Basil Salsa

1 large or 2 small fresh beetroot
2 carrots
1/2 peach or nectarine
generous handful of basil leaves

I used the Froothie Optimum Blender for just 10 seconds to chop


-Tanya Lewis


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