Business leaders understand the value that fitness brings to their performance

Regardless of which side of politics you’re on, its been really interesting to see the profile that Tony Abbott gets for being committed to regular exercise. It’s not uncommon to see the now PM in his bathers at the beach or climbing a hill on his pushbike. So besides seeing a middle aged man in lycra, what is the fascination with seeing the leader of our country exercising on a daily basis?

There is an increasing number of studies as well as anecdotal evidence linking the value of regular exercise with leadership performance. Gone are the days of the unfit, out of shape CEO – modern business leaders understand the importance of  fitness to perform in an increasingly competitive environment and shoulder the  demands of the 24/7 business week. This means a planned and disciplined approach to their managing their health that is maintained as a high priority despite the time demands placed on them by their occupation.

It’s great to see a leader of our nation showing us this example and demonstrating that it is possible to balance health and business along with the other parts of our lives.

-Kristin Lewis


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