Can you be ‘fat & fit’……the results are in.

A recent study published in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences has concluded that regular physical activity has a protective effect on the cardiovascular health of normal weight, overweight and obese individuals. Another interesting conclusion of the study was that fit overweight individuals had a similar cardiovascular profile to inactive normal weight individuals.

As personal trainers, many of the clients that we work with would still like to lose a few extra pounds off their waistline but all have managed to incorporate regular exercise into their weeks and significantly improve their health as a result. Lower blood pressure, management of blood sugar levels and improvedcardiovascular function are just a few of the outcomes that these clients have experienced through exercising regularly.

My advice? Make sure that you are exercising regularly to look after your health and if you are still bothered by your weight then review what you are putting in your mouth.

-Kristin Lewis

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