Challenging times @ Life Personal Trainers

Congratulations to all clients (& trainers!) who have attempted our January – February Fitness Challenge. The ‘challenge’ for these first two months of 2013 is a mixed aerobic and weights circuit where the aim has been to make your way through the exercises with good technique in the shortest possible time.

While there is  the opportunity to ‘knock off’ your mates, the main aim is to firstly complete the circuit and then to see if you can improve your fitness over the two months so that you can improve your challenge ‘score’. Even though I consider myself to be quite fit, completing the challenge served as a reminder for me of how much exercise value can be achieved through such an intense effort – I could feel my heart rate racing and metabolism in overdrive for several hours afterwards!

We’ve got something for everyone this year….the start of the March – April challenge is just around the corner and let’s just say you will need strong legs for this one!  Regardless of your current level of fitness, get involved in the ‘challenge’ this year and use it to help drive your fitness improvement.

-Kristin Lewis

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