Exercise = medicine for your brain against high fat foods

Exercise has been shown to reduce the decline in brain function associated with high fat diets. An experiment recently conducted at the University of Minnesota has shown that rats who ate a high fat diet and who did not exercise experienced a decline in their cognitive function while those who ate the same high fat diet and exercised did not have the same decline.


What I find really interesting is the increasing body of evidence for the many and varied benefits of exercise that don’t just relate to losing weight! It seems as though many of the anecdotal benefits reported by those who do exercise regularly are now been backed by scientific study lending more fuel to the ‘exercise is medicine’ argument. Let’s use this evidence to help change our mindset to view exercise as something that adds enormous value to our life and health rather than just a chore that we ‘should do’.

So when you are reviewing your Christmas Party invitations this year, plan to keep your exercise sessions in your diary if you want to maintain your IQ!!

-Kristin Lewis



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