Exercise reduces accumulation of stomach fat and disease risk

Yet more evidence that regular exercise protects us against over consumption of ‘calories’ – associated with weight gain and increase in disease risk;


In this study the 2 groups were given an identical high energy diet (surplus to their needs) with one group restricted to 1500 steps/day and the other allocated 10000 steps/day (the current recommendation for ‘general health’) of physical activity. The 10000 group with greater physical activity gained less visceral fat (the fat that accumulates around our abdominal organs associated with increased risk of most common lifestyle diseases) compared with the group with restricted physical activity. In addition, the diabetes risk of the restricted group was increased more significantly than the active group.

What’s the take home message? This study demonstrates that regular exercise is an important preventative strategy to reduce our risk of diseases such as diabetes, cancers, heart disease, obesity and stroke.

-Kristin Lewis

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