Get up and move – sitting kills!

I recently read this review published in May 2015 providing more evidence on the danger of prolonged sitting – worth a read if you have 10 minutes up your sleeve.

Here’s a few key points that I’ve taken from this and other studies that I’ve looked at about the effects of sitting/sedentary lifestyle on our health –

  • When we sit we’re burning approximately 50% of the energy we would burn when standing
  • Those who sit for longer tend to accumulate body fat more rapidly
  • Higher risk of frailty in the elderly
  • Higher risk of erectile dysfunction in men
  • Association with high blood pressure
  • Higher risk of depression
  • Higher risk of a number of cancers
  • Higher risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Back and neck pain

Currently we sit for an average of 9.2 hours/day in the western world so your goal should be to to both decrease overall sitting time and break up bouts of prolonged sitting.

-Krisitn Lewis



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