Getting paid to lose weight – are you serious??

A recent article published in Business Insider Australia has described a scheme in Dubai where the city intends to pay residents with gold if they lose weight

What is the world coming to!

Making any change including losing weight is about;

  • Having a clear understanding of why you want to make the change (eg. improve health, set a good example for my kids, feel more comfortable in clothes)
  • Understanding the behaviours that you will need to change (eg. making poor food choices, not getting in regular exercise)
  • Putting a plan in place focusing on reinforcing your ‘new’ behaviours (eg. planning your meals for the week and making sure you have ingredients in the fridge, committing to regular exercise on set days/times)
  • Putting accountability in place ( experts to assist, sharing what you are trying to achieve with your partner or a friend)

-Kristin Lewis

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