If you’re the Boss, then your Health Matters

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled ‘Beat the buldge if you want the corner office’, reported on new research conducted by the Centre for Creative Leadership (US), linking the size of an executive’s waistline with their perceived leadership ability and stamina on the job.The report also noted that none of the Fortune 500 Company CEO’s were ‘overweight’ according to Body mass Index (BMI).

While being overweight in itself is often linked to poor health, my view is that there are a number of other critical reasons for business leaders to ensure that their health is in top shape. Participation in regular exercise has been linked with improved work performance and stress management in a number of studies and everyone in leadership would attest to the importance of managing stress brought on by significant responsibility.

Exercise also represents time for solace and reflection to break the fast pace routine of typical business days leading to better performance during important decision making and day to day responsibilities.

In addition, all good leaders understand the importance of ‘leading by example’. Demonstrating to your team that you place high value on health through your actions speaks volumes for the emphasis that your organisation truly places on ‘work – life balance’. This develops people in a very holistic way that ultimately translates to improved work culture and business performance.

-Kristin Lewis

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