Is exercise still important as part of a weight loss regime?

In recent times, weight loss has been linked to what we eat and drink rather than the energy that we expend through weight loss. Some of the theories behind this are that we can’t accumulate sufficient exercise volume (time) in our weeks to make a ‘dent’ into our lack of energy output from sitting as well as the fact that if we exercise more, we will want to eat more.

A recent study has shown the role that exercise plays  in maintaining your ‘new’ weight following weight loss through dietary change/restriction. Typically when you lose weight, your energy expenditure also falls creating a situation where it may be difficult not to put back on the weight that you have lost. This study showed that exercise (regardless of mode of activity – weights V cardio) prevented a fall in energy expenditure after dietary weight loss, increasing the chances of maintaining the weight loss for the long term.

-Kristin Lewis

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