Just 1 hour per week of exercise can prevent depression…..

A new (Oct 2017) study has shown that 12% of depression cases could have been prevented by 1 hour per week of exercise.

This research is just the latest evidence in the link between our growing rate of mental health problems (anxiety, depression, etc.) paired with our decreasing levels of physical activity (we sit more, exercise less and our waistlines are expanding as a nation).

The frustration from my point of view is that there is an obvious solution here (making the time/effort/$ investment into regular exercise) for clear benefit to our mental health but also the other physical benefits of exercise. I use the word ‘investment’ because the benefits of regular exercise are so far reaching into many aspects of our lives, truly adding value to each of them.

So if you’re already an exerciser, keep up the good work and know that you are benefiting your mental health.

If you don’t exercise regularly, use this research as another reason why you should start doing something. Regularly. Start with a weekly walk, join in with a friend who already exercises or start working with a personal trainer who can help you start from ground zero and build you up slowly. But whatever you do, get it in your diary on a regular day/time and make it happen – you can’t afford not to.

-Kristin Lewis

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