Key messages from Michelle Bridges keynote at Business Chicks breakfast

Tanya and I went along to the ‘Michelle Bridges’ Business Chicks breakfast yesterday morning to hear arguably Australia’s most well known fitness industry personality share her views. I’m not a huge fan of The Biggest Loser as I think it promotes image over health and presents unrealistic weight loss ideals so I have to admit that I was slightly skeptical about hearing Michelle prior to the event.


While I still do maintain some differing viewpoints from Michelle, it was really great to see her push concepts like planning for exercise, taking action and her 3 ‘Cs’ of exercise success…….CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY!! I also really like the way she described the way that many of us over analyze what needs to be done getting  ‘analysis paraylsis’ instead of keeping it simple and just getting it done.

In simple terms, most of us lead busy lives so its a case of blocking out some regular time in our week for ‘exercise appointments’ and just getting it done week in, week out. No crazy diets, no over the top exercise, just a basic formula that will lead to gradual improvements in our health, fitness and overall well being.

-Kristin Lewis

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