More evidence for physical activity even in the absence of weight loss

I recently read this great little article by Tim Crowe – Inactivity a greater heart disease risk to women than excess weight.

The article makes the point that for women, being physically active throughout their life is where the biggest health gains can be made. From my experience and other reading, I’d be confident that this applies to men as well. In a society ‘obsessed’ with weight loss and image, we need to get the message out there that regular physical activity (even if it doesn’t result in weight loss) is critical for our health on a variety of levels.

I’m reminded of this message every time I set out for a bike ride, do a gym session or speak with my long term PT clients who share my passion for the value that exercise brings to their life. Interestingly, our conversation always seems to focus on ‘how exercise makes us feel’ and the clarity of thought/satisfaction we get from exercise rather than what our what we are weighing in at on any particular day!

-Kristin Lewis

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