More evidence that exercise is medicine

A recent article published in has made a strong case for exercise as a legitimate part of a treatment plan for cancer patients.

I found this really interesting because although the relationship between regular exercise and prevention of many cancers exists, the point of this commentary was to show that cancer patients who began exercising as part of their treatment protocol had a reduced incidence of recurrence of the cancer (one of the major concerns of anyone who has been treated for cancer).

The take home point for me is that exercise is so far past being ‘just’ a weight loss tool and a means to fulfil our desire to transform the outward appearance of our bodies. While physical appearance can be changed through exercise, knowing that it can help prevent a range of potentially fatal diseases is far more motivating for me.

So every time you don’t feel like exercising or have a negative attitude towards the exercise induced pain going through your body, pause and think about the benefit your health is deriving and smile!

-Kristin Lewis

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