More research that removes the ‘time’ excuse for exercise

I’ve had another paper come across my desk comparing the benefit of really short bouts of high intensity exercise (Eg. 1 minute intervals) against longer duration aerobic exercise. In this particular study, both the shorter/higher intensity work intervals and the more prolonged aerobic exercise were shown to have a positive effect on brain activity/function but the shorter/high intensity work intervals had a greater effect.

This high intensity interval work is extremely time efficient, can be more motivating than slogging away at constant pace and provides all of the other benefits of conventional steady state aerobic exercise (in many cases is actually more beneficial than steady state exercise). These benefits include reduced risk of lifestyle diseases, improved fitness, reduced body fat as well as the improved brain function that I’ve already mentioned.

So if you’re pushed for time, go and find yourself a couple of 20-30 minute blocks each week to invest in your health and you’ll get maximum return on your time (providing you push!).

-Kristin Lewis

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