Improve your exercise outcomes with these 2 tips……..

I’ve been a personal trainer now for around 14 years working with clients who are time poor and trying to balance competing priorities including work, family and social activities. There are two key areas that I have found bring people the most value when it comes to exercise;

  1. Planning to ensure consistency
  2. Exercise intensity

Consistency is a huge driver of results from exercise. Establish a routine and do it for enough consistent weeks and you will achieve some sort of result. This all starts by being clear on why you want to exercise and then working out a sustainable weekly routine that will support you in achieving these goals. You should have clearly defined days/times when you exercise and these should be set up in your diary as recurring appointments. Think through your other commitments and choose exercise times that work in best amongst these. Work on a number of sessions/week that is realistic not idealistic – this is the number of sessions that you can complete on an average week, not on a good week!

The importance of exercise intensity has been widely documented in recent times and without going into specifics, see if you can incorporate some high intensity work into your workouts each week. This is just about challenging yourself to beat your previous ‘score’ and ensures that you are continuing to make progress. High intensity exercise is also good from an efficiency perspective as you can achieve ‘a lot with a little’.

So no rocket science here, but go and implement these two strategies into your approach to exercise and you will improve the outcomes that you can achieve.

-Kristin Lewis

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