New financial year – time for your ‘health review’

The first week of the new year is the ideal time to review your own health and put changes in place or just ‘tweak’ your weekly routine to achieve improved results in 12/13. Start with a blank sheet of paper and consider the following questions/statements;

  • Which areas of my health am I happy with? Which areas am I unsatisfied with?
  • Which areas of my health have I managed well/improved over the past year?
  • Review your ‘planned’ weekly exercise routine during 11/12. How many weeks out of 52 did you manage to complete at least 80% of this routine?
  • When thinking about activities that you have in place for your health (exercise sessions, doctors appointments, dental appointments, etc), is most of your time spent on proactive (preventative) activities compared with reactive (treatment) activities?

Use the answers you come up with to create some ‘points for action’ for your 12/13 health plan and enjoy the health gains that follow!

-Kristin Lewis


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