New Personal Training Appointments @ Life Personal Trainers

We’d like to introduce Gaynor Pope, Nathan Rotolo and Sean Conrad Small as the most recent appointments to our personal training team.

Gaynor has been a fitness professional since 2003, accumulating 10 years of personal training experience in both gym and studio environments. Gaynor brings a high level of technical focus and will be joining our Unley team.

Nathan has recently completed his personal training qualification and is a ‘career changer’, moving from the automotive industry across to fitness. Fitness and exercise has always been one of his passions, having played football, trained in taekwondo and been a regular ‘gym goer’ for a number of years. Nathan will be joining our Kent Town team.

Sean is one of the ‘experienced guys’ of the industry and has been a fitness professional since 1986! He has spent time in the UK and most recently Holland working as a personal trainer and is now bringing his wealth of experience to Life Personal Trainers. Sean will be joining our Hutt St team.

-Kristin Lewis

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