‘Quick fix’ Weight Loss Options – Hard to Resist?

I read with interest an article in the Friday 3 August edition of the Adelaide Advertiser that ‘Australians will spend more than $800m on quick-fix weight loss solutions in the coming year’. This includes diet plans, supplements, weight reduction surgery and many other products promising ‘quick’ results.

I’ve spoken with many people about their weight loss experiences over the years and most will concede that they have tried one or more of these ‘quick’ options in the past. While some of these products (especially the ones that are advertised during the middle of the night!) clearly seem to market false promises, there are many that are marketed by sophisticated people and even seem to have scientific ‘studies’ to back up their claims.

When evaluating a product or program my view is that if it seems to good to be true….it is!! Any weight loss program that you embark on should incorporate 2 key components;

  • Regular exercise
  • Review of dietary intake with some common ‘traps’ including; excessive portion size, ‘non hungry’ eating (eating for reasons other than genuine appetite), excessive alcohol consumption

Boring I know, but my job is to simply report the facts! Start your program with realistic expectations on rate of weight loss and time frame – no one puts weight ‘on’ quickly and in a similar manner it will take both time and lifestyle change to lose permanently.

– Kristin Lewis


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