Test your Strength

There are so many reasons to incorporate strength training as part of your regular exercise routine. No longer is strength training just the domain of men looking to build big ‘buffed’ muscles –  it has an important role to play for everyone at various stages of life. Examples of the breadth of people that are getting the benefits of strength training can be seen simply by looking through our client list;

  • An elderly couple in their 80’s where the focus of their strength training program is reducing the decline in muscle mass as they age and developing their leg strength/balance to ensure they can remain independent in their own home for longer
  • A 50 year old professional who works in an office based role and wants to use strength training to ensure that his posture doesn’t deteriorate from long hours seated in front of a computer
  • A 20 year old female who lacks confidence with exercise, her physical appearance and a gym ‘weights’ environment but knows it is good for both her posture, bones and self esteem
  • A 33 year old mum who needs strength training to help her maintain her strength for picking up young children and for improving her posture from breast feeding
  • A couple in their 40’s who simply want to feel fitter and stronger after two decades of physical inactivity

During May and June we are running our upper body strength training challenge at LPT – take the challenge a few times over this period to see how much you can improve your own strength over this time and enjoy the many benefits of feeling stronger!

-Kristin Lewis


Improving your bone mineral density to ward off osteoporosis, improving your core strength to reduce back pain and increasing your awareness of correct posture

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