Walking is good but vigorous exercise is better as a predictor of healthy ageing

As someone who works in a role where I promote healthy lifestyle choices, I’ve always adopted the motto that ‘something is always better than nothing’ when it comes to exercise. While I believe this still has merit, there is an increasing body of research body of research promoting the value of high intensity exercise for health, weight loss and general well being. Of particular significance is the growing acceptance of vigorous exercise for older people rather than just being confined to those of younger years.

A recent study (Sept 2013) published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine of 12,000+ Australian men aged between 65 – 83. The study followed these men for 10-13 years and compared the ‘healthy ageing’ of those who reported  exercising vigorously for 150+ minutes/week Vs those who didn’t. The conclusions of the study were that the men who exercised vigorously had a greater chance of fulfilling the criteria for healthy ageing as defined by a questionnaire used for the study. The conclusion of the study was that vigorous physical activity seems to promote healthy ageing and should be encouraged when safe and feasible.

If you would like to improve the quality of your years and want to make vigorous exercise a regular part of you week, start by consulting your GP and then consider seeking the guidance of a Fitness Australia registered exercise professional.

-Kristin Lewis

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