What’s the Plan for your Health in 2013?

With Summer holidays now a distant memory for most of us, now is the time for a quick ‘health check’ to ensure that you are on track for a net improvement in your health in 2013. Review the list below and make sure you have addressed these areas for a better health outcome this year;

  • What are the specific areas of your health you want to focus on this year?
  • What is your plan with respect to exercise? Do you have your exercise sessions set at specific days and times in your diary to ensure that they happen?
  • Review your overall level of satisfaction with your dietary intake. What areas can you identify for improvement and what plan/support/professional advice do you have in place to make this happen?
  • Review your injury or ‘niggle’ count last year. Did you have any recurrent issues that prevented you from functioning at your physical best? Rather than seeking treatment in response to these issues can you put a preventative plan in place with a massage therapist, physio, chiropractor?
  • When did you last see your GP for a check up? Consider booking a ‘preventative health’ check up to review your medical health, have a general blood screen, check skin spots and any other relevant tests that your GP will advise for someone of your age, sex and lifestyle.

-Kristin Lewis

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