What’s your priority – $ or health?

Saw this great opinion piece from Dr David Kratz, Huffington Post;

We could manage our weight and our health with at least as great and reliable a ROI as we can get by managing our money. We could, if we choose to use what we know, eliminate 80 percent of our lifetime risk of chronic disease. The grim landscape of modern epidemiology is not for want of knowing – it’s for want of doing. It’s about cultural priorities. If we treated wealth like health, most of us would passively anticipate bankruptcy at midlife as a rite of passage, and then deal with the consequences. Heart disease and diabetes are more preventable than bankruptcy – but millions upon millions get them anyway. That’s a little odd.

The challenge is that the outcomes of exercise don’t provide immediate feedback. You have to exercise consistently for a number of weeks to achieve gains in your fitness. If you miss your regular exercise session because you’re ‘too busy’ at work you also won’t notice a quick change to your health……in the short term.

How valuable is your health?

-Kristin Lewis

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