Why #Ihaveembraced and why you should too….

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Because Rhino’s were never meant to be unicorns…

The very fact that it is the svelte unicorn used as the goal or prize and the heavy rhino as the ‘wannabe’ shows a norm of society, an assumption that we all want to be more like a unicorn and less like a rhino. The problem is that unicorn’s don’t exist. Just like photo shopped images. It can be dangerously attractive to compare or work toward a measuring stick that is not real or not us.

This image helped to give clarity to importance of body esteem and embracing who we are over what we look like, to reconsider the societal ideals of perfect and better understand the unnecessary pressures many women and men put themselves under.

I’m a health professional, even a dietitian and to let go of text book perfect is an important step. I still wholeheartedly believe in the value of regular exercise and the benefits of nourishing food choices but these choices should come from an empowered position, rather than in desperate attempts for a number on the scale or ticket.  To put health before beauty.

Several years ago an Adelaide mum, Taryn Brumfitt posted some atypical before and after pictures that went viral. Several years on and she has created Embrace – the documentary; the story of body hater to body lover including interviews with a range of body image and health experts around the world. While we have not yet seen it, Life Personal Trainers are excited to host a screening with an exclusive Q and A with Taryn (wow) August 4th with tickets available here. We believe it offers something very different to the typical ‘unicorn marketing’ often used in the fitness industry. Gasp, laugh and be challenged – watch it! You can read more about Body Image Movement and Embrace here

-Tanya Lewis


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