Why it’s not offensive to give your Dad (or husband) a PT voucher for Father’s Day…….

We love the Dad’s and the men in our life and sometimes they need a little help to prioritise their own health……

Here are 3 reasons that PT might just be the perfect gift to get them started –

1. Men are well known for ‘burying their head in the sand’ when it comes to their health and fitness. They can have mates going down all around them with various health issues but seem to have a unique capacity to think ‘it won’t happen to me……’ Help him introduce some regular exercise with a weekly PT session – he’ll thank you later!

2. Is Dad/Hubby always grumpy when he comes home from work in the evening? A PT session will get his endorphins flowing and give him a positive ‘attitude adjustment’ before he arrives home.

3. Help him be a positive role model to those around him and under him – his family, kids, friends and colleagues. If he starts exercising on a regular basis, it provides great leadership ‘by example’ and may encourage some of them to make some healthier lifestyle choices as well.

Happy Father’s Day!

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